Coffeehouse Adventures

My mother and I walked into an open floor plan with stark cold concrete floors and high industrial ceilings. It was the middle of the day and although it was chilly, the Sun was bright. I was a bit surprised to be the only ones in the establishment so honestly my initial response was “I’m about to drink the world’s most mediocre coffee in a very hip coffeehouse. How cliche.” But then the stage in the corner caught my eye. The woman on shift had sparkling eyes. I ordered a latte with shots on top. My mother ordered a house brew. We settled down and the woman brought our coffee in beautiful ceramic mugs. She chatted with us about the coffee, the company and her passions. She’s an artist and a college student. Her handiwork can be seen in the chalk. Her name is Abbie and her energy is infectious.

Middle joined us soon and she ordered a buttered rum latte. We spent several hours sitting on comfortable couches, sipping delicious coffee, and catching up.

This coffee was so yummy.


This isn’t just some ordinary coffeehouse. It’s a nonprofit that’s under new management. The mission is clear: Create a safe space for local artists to gather, create a safe, inviting space for patrons to come relax. Give back to the community.

Give. Back. To. The. Community!!

I’m sure the purpose of a coffeehouse is to serve a great cup of coffee. Yes, Core Community does that. But to me, the purpose of Core’s mission is people driven. It’s giving back to the community in a safe, inviting manner. From the food drive to the Coffee and Classics events, this coffeehouse is so much more than what’s brewing.

This place makes drinking a cup of coffee meaningful. How cool is that?


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