Talking in my head.

I have been conditioned to not be boastful and conceited, as a woman, I think we all have to one degree or another. Often when I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, I’ve felt incredible pride and accomplishment that I then can’t speak of because of this unwritten rule. How silly is that!

Although I’m largely in the same place I’ve always been in, I’m in a completely different place as well. For instance, I’m keeping things to myself more and more, not being such an attention seeking person but being open and honest when it matters. I think that’s important for me. I’m asking for things I need and want. I’m attempting to move through the answers as they come.

I know this is incredibly vague. Most internal work doesn’t require explanation. I can be a bit more concrete in some areas, I suppose.

But the truth is I don’t feel like writing all that much.

Maybe I’ll write these things down eventually. But for now, all the boastful fantastic things I’m accomplishing will remain locked in my head.


One thought on “Talking in my head.

  1. Sometimes we are doing many fantastic things, but just aren’t ready to share those thoughts with the world. If and when you are ready, you will. For now, enjoy your new adventures and the journey that comes with it.


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