For clarification

My children are amazing fantastic lovely flawed sarcastic sassy kind intelligent emotional dramatic passionate talented lazy stubborn fearless late arrogant beautiful soulful people.

They have strong beliefs. They will speak their minds. They take up for the underdog, every time. They challenge their own flawed thinking. They think for themselves. THEY MAKE MISTAKES. All three of them have made mistakes that had crippling consequences. But they did and are overcoming those mistakes, slowly.

Sometimes they don’t see the big picture. Forests and trees, corners and paths all collide. It’s a part of growing up.

Each one of them have mental issues they must overcome. Daily. Every single day all three of them make the conscious decision to show up, if only to say “I don’t have it today, help me”.

I taught them to think for themselves, fight their own battles, even when that means they think differently than I do and when the battle is against me. It was something I was incapable of doing when I was younger. I taught them it’s okay to be scared and that no matter what happens, I’m here. It’s been a long hard road full of slamming doors and screaming matches. It’s been late nights and rivers of ice cream.

They are all on their own journey: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually. I’m just along for the ride, trying to enjoy them while they participate in their own lives.

What I did not teach them was hate. Racism, sexism, elitist mentality has no place in their brains. They are inclusive and supportive.

Now… They all are open minded so if you feel like I’ve forgotten something or you want to share with them a part of yourself, feel free. Have a conversation, a discussion, a debate with all three of them. If you want to teach them differently than I did, by all means, go ahead. I could use all the help I can get. If you think I’m doing it wrong and they could do with a bit less “hippy dippy bullshit” and a bit more “Adam and Eve” then I have a suggestion for you…

Fucking show up.


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