Sleepless nights of worry stack together.

The next day I am drained so I reach for sugar and caffeine.

I make plans in my head and deals with my body.

The days drift by.


And I’m supposed to be grateful.

So I tell myself I’m grateful.


One thought on “Days

  1. Sometimes, it can be really hard to be grateful. I find that being grateful for something specific, even something little or silly, can help lift me up just that little bit, and it gets easier to find other things to be positive about. I am incredibly lucky and have a ton of things to be grateful for, but those days when the world looks black make it easy to forget how lucky I am. Some days, I may be grateful that the grass is green or that I have a bed to lie on or maybe I am grateful for chocolate. I haven’t managed to be grateful for the hardships that happen, though once in a while I can glimpse how those trials have brought something good, eventually, and I might manage to acknowledge that, but grateful? Not so much. Right now, I am grateful I have a fan, because I am hot and sweaty and I can’t sleep. Without a fan, I would be really miserable.


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