The Offer

Here’s the thing that you (general you) don’t get: I got me.

I finally, after years of looking to someone else to change my lightbulbs, can change my own lightbulbs. Or not. It’s my own choice to sit in the dark if I want.

Let me tell you, bills kids house job friends…. I can even give my own self a pretty fantastic orgasm. I got this.

I don’t need you to tell me what to do.

I have some pretty unhealthy coping skills. I have gained a shitton of weight from various things and too much this along with not enough that. Copious and scant. I procrastinate. I’m lazy. I hate laundry. I have horrible self esteem and I’m grappling horribly with my cancer stuffs. I’m fully aware of the extremes my life has become.

Yes, I’m flawed. I’m as flawed if not more than everyone else around me. I know my own weaknesses. If you being a Dominant person, means that it’s your job to point out all of my flaws and tell me I need to work on them, if that’s your idea of Dominance, Buddy… Go. Fuck. Yourself. Badly.

I got me.

I even have amazing friends that are willing to share energy with me. I can hand them a paddle and ask for a spanking. We can have an experience together and then they don’t tell me they have prepared themselves to see my scars and for me to remove my shirt. We can touch and tangle and then they don’t go sit in the other room and text the newer, better sub. I have friends that offer cuddles and kisses but don’t tell me I’ve gained too much weight.

I really do have a great life. I got me. I got this.

So what do you have to offer that I can’t already give myself?

Figure that out.


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