You can call me Kitten if you want to…

I didn’t want to mix up the good of this with the bad of the previous post.

Yes, I’m currently hanging on by a string that’s unraveling. But I want to share the amazing experience I had.

A demo was to happen and I did something incredibly uncharacteristic of me.

I messaged the presenter. You see the demo was on pet play and dynamics. I wanted to introduce myself as the resident kitten. The welcome I received from the presenter was warm and inviting. We soon passed emails full of information and past experiences back and forth.

And with this and that and circumstances here and there, I became the demo pet bottom. In a very short span of time I went from never wanting to attend anything ever again to front and center.

When I got there the presenter just engulfed me in energy and kindness. We chatted while setting up. I knew my personal energy levels were dangerously low. I’d depleted myself earlier in the day. I opened myself to this new experience as best as I could, hoping not to disappoint or embarrass anyone. Soon enough her infectious nature carried me along.

I settled on the pillow in front of me trying for the walls to come down. I’ve never been a full kitten in front of an entire room on purpose. I felt exposed and vulnerable. But in for a penny, in for a pound. Soon enough I was drinking out of a bowl and wearing a collar and leash, playing with toys and licking everything I could find. I crawled into a cage and cuddled with other pets. I ate snacks out of a hand and scratched so many people. When the evening came to a close, my happy bucket was full. I was gifted a care package for kittens from the presenter and received my first cell pop.

The presenter took care of me, lavishing me with attention and praise. I could write an entire post about her alone. She was knowledgeable and passionate. I adore her. She was simply lovely.

This demo went a long way toward other people understanding the mindset of pets. I hope it helped remove the mystery and stigma against pets.

I’m going to push for a designated area for pets at parties.

And if you see me out and about, you can call me Kitten.


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