I haven’t blogged a lot. It’s very much work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep.

I was getting on track, continuing down the line, doing the things necessary to be successful. There has been a comforting or flirty text here and there with the Ex Daddy but nothing routine or reliable. I’m moving more toward self reliance. Less depressed and more buoyant. I don’t feel the need to fill my life with people and things.

But of course it’s me.

So I agreed to a 13 week training schedule for a new job. The flu had other ideas. I can’t make up the time and they have a strict attendance policy. I’m not holding out much hope.

I’m going to work in the morning with my doctor note and a hacking cough 4 days before I’m supposed to. Hopefully that will be enough.

But this is me so I don’t know.

This was meant to be a “I’m headed in the right direction” blog and not so much the typical “oh hey I have another giant drama filled bullshit life thing” blog.


This is me.


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