The price you pay

I think I’m all caught up. I was declared cancer free in February 2016.

In that year’s time I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphedema, Emphysema, found a precancerous growth in my uterus, had a hysterectomy, slowly watched as my body has deteriorated as a direct result from the chemo, suffered with the lasting effects of chemo brain, fiddled with the dosage for my thyroid, come to the realization that I’ll always take an antidepressant, and gained 65 pounds.

It’s been a road. I thought when I was done with Chemo, I was done. So much focus is placed on ringing that bell. Much like so much focus is on the patient loosing hair that they forget about the rash and thrush and toenails falling off…

I suppose I was naive.

But I just had my scans and I’m still cancer free.

It’s worth it. Isn’t it?


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