Responsible demos.

First let me say this is my journal and my opinion and I’m not a fighter. If you disagree, that’s cool. Have a moment and move on because I’ll not change.

Now that’s said.

I’m angry. But I’m not just angry. I’m scared. I saw something that instantly angered and frightened me. Looking around I knew I wasn’t the only one. I won’t go into specifics because honestly it doesn’t matter what actually happened.

I’ve made countless mistakes. They were mine to make. I assumed a certain responsibility for my actions and even my reactions. I own my mistakes.

I have never made a mistake that I can blame on someone else. My former Sir was safe. He was cautious. He used several resources before doing anything. I was very very lucky to have him with me when attempting any edge play. Thank the Kink Gods I had him with me with knives and needles and fire. Not everyone can say this. Not everyone is or has someone level headed and patient.

I was new and I wanted to try everything YESTERDAY!!! I had him beside me to hold me in check. We went to demos. He took his time and only when he was confident would he allow us to try the thing we saw at the demo.


If you call yourself an expert and teach a demo you have assumed a certain amount of responsibility. Dont fucking skip out. Hell yes you have. You’d be pissed if your kid came home saying 2+2= GREEN. You’d want that math teacher fired.

You MUST teach your demo assuming that everyone is new. The idiot that fell off the turnip truck into a 50 shades book and ended up at a demo who is going home TONIGHT to set someone on fire is the person you are teaching. Yes, really. If you aren’t teaching to this person, get off the stage. It’s “teachers” like you who send people to the ER.

Yes the turnip truck guy is listening to you and he thinks you are an expert. I know, crazy right? It’s like you’re a teacher or something.

I agree there are a lot of things that can be done a lot of ways. There are a bunch of right ways to do something. In certain instances there’s also a very WRONG way to do something. Yes, yes RACK. Whatever. You don’t use fireplay without a fire extinguisher. You don’t use dirty toys. And if you are up on the stage saying to the class that these things don’t matter, GET OFF THE FUCKING STAGE. Turnip truck guy is going home to set his girl on fire tonight because it’s so cool!!! YOU OWN THAT. Yes, hell yes you actually do own that!!!

Do the right thing or get off the stage. The noobs are watching. Guess what? Noobs and turnip guy are the next generation of kink. Scary, huh? Imagine if noone taught them the right thing to do?


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