I’m not her.

I wont go “all-in” again.


However I have friends of significance. I have people I care about. I have people that care about me. I’m so thankful to those people who choose to spend time with me. Even driving hours out of their way just to spend time with me. Thank you.

I love having conversations about glitter, submission, and pina coladas. But understand this is all I’m willing to give you and don’t make this mistake that we will evolve into “more”. I won’t have personal conversations about where I see the two of us going. We aren’t going anywhere.

I don’t require a ring or a collar or a commitment. I’m finally whole. All by myself. Ye’s I’m still hurt. I will carry that baggage. It’s mine to rest my feet upon. But that’s fine with me. It matters to me not, if that’s fine with you.

I don’t want an emotional weight sitting on top of my baggage. That isn’t fair to anyone. You want to go on a date with me? Why? To what end? If it’s a mutual companionship where two people banter back and forth about the goings on in life, yes!! Let’s do that. If it’s a possibility that we want to hang out and maybe naked stuff will happen? Maybe, I might be down for that. If it’s to get to know each other in the hopes that something amazing will happen to our hearts, No. No thank you.

Don’t invest too much in me. I’m not that girl.


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