I figured some stuff out recently. I’m not sleeping a whole bunch and I have things lurking that make focusing really hard right now. But at 2 am, my brain is tired and misfiring. So sue me if this goes astray.

I’ve spent a good amount of my life just getting by. My life is held together by duct tape and glitter. Most of the time, that will do. I don’t have a plan. I barely have a pla. Its gotten me this far, right?

The things I figured out at 2 am make 2 pm seem so possible. Get a plan. Make things concrete. So here goes. My grand plan for life as a single mom. Woot get excited dammit. This is a good plan.

But it feels like everything I planned doesn’t seem to fucking matter.

See, I was planning for a storm. Maybe a hurricane. I can do that.

What I didn’t see coming, what I didn’t plan for was the zombies.

Isn’t that my luck?


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