Vixen, rice, and ponies

Her soft creamy brown skin fill my senses. Her voice washes away the deformity.

Rice and mushrooms cover my tongue. She envelopes me in her calm purple world.

The strong Amazon woman cracks and love flows out of her skin like life blood.

The strong and steady wall that holds me. Mr. Rogers makes everyone feel. The joy I felt seeing the tears wash over the wall like a waterfall.

Gravel strips my line but the pain is at bay. I’ll see you in two years.

Ponies and chocolate dance across my chest dripping warm saliva and goo.

The funeral parlor makes me cry and want to eat fries. The void on my chest reminds me. Again and again.

The void is frozen. Doctors hold my precious in a freezer. Freeze freeze freeze freeze freeze.

The really reallys are covering me minute by minute by minute by minute.

He is far away. And so is she and so is he. And so it is.

Creamy warm coffee and green money. I am ashamed. But the Rain is full of energy and she reassures me that everything will be OK.

Everything hurts. Everything hurts. The tumbling clothes remind me.

Everything will be OK. In time.

Time. The clock always ticks. Never stops. Never ends. The void never ends. Time never stops. The void is always time ticking away minute by frozen minute.

And so it is. Soup and flowers. Blood drips in the shower. And my mother hears the trumpet. Her chest fills with pride.

The pink ribbons on the tree. A cool breeze blows by. Clothes tumble. Normal flows on the wind across my face. The cool hardens my nipple.

And so it is.


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