Good/bad things jars

I purchased a vase in which to put tiny post it notes. Written on the post its are all of the good things that happen through the year. Little things, big things, things that should have been a negative that we chose to see the silver lining. Family and friends were encouraged to put good things into the jar. We had everything from “Best cheeseburger ever” to “Didn’t get arrested”. Unveiling it New Years was fun, and cathartic.

Last year we didn’t have one. It just sat there, empty. Some time in the year my friend’s toddler broke the jar. I kept it. Don’t know why. It was chipped and cracked but I put it on a higher shelf and threw away the broken piece. I know why now.

We decided that we need a bad things jar. Bad things are valid. They happen. Life hurts sometimes.

This year we will dump out all the good things and read them. We will not read the bad things. Those get fire.

I have a good things jar on my coffee table and the bad things jar on a higher shelf.

I feel really good about this.

So this next year I want to invite my Fet family to shoot me a note, a comment here, write on my wall, send me a text, whichever. I’ll put it in one of the jars.

Also is it weird that I’m really excited about the fire?


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