In the dark

She closed the door behind her and listened for the click of the lock. Pitch black peace met her. She’d forgotten to replace the light above her stove. It was on her to do list. She didn’t mind the darkness, though.

The keys slid across the table and her purse hit the floor. She stood unhindered. The silence stretched out in front of her, full of potential and possibilities.

Buttons and zippers, clasps and elastics later, she walked down her hall naked. Somewhere after the closet but before the washing machine she was on her hands and knees. Crawling slowly to her bed, she felt her brain hiccup. She slowly got to her feet and grabbed the bourbon and poured it into her bowl. She careful picked out the ears for the evening and picked up her tail. Looking around she went through her checklist. Grabbing a blanket she was satisfied with the evening’s choices.

She turned on something soft and mellow. She licked her wrist just to feel skin on her tongue. No more hiccups. No more questions or answers. No more decisions or arguments. She put on her ears and tail.

Her tail hit the back of her knees as she crawled over to her bowl. The warmth in her belly matched the warmth dripping down her thighs. She settled in for the night.

There are no prying eyes here. No judgement handed down by a benevolent master. Shame doesn’t brighten her cheeks. She simply is….

She didn’t turn on the lights. The black ink of night is her lover. The morning light will be here soon. That’s a different story all together.


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