I keep replaying his words, no doubt said to inflict guilt.

I can go be in Greg’s stable now.

Greg and his wife are poly of some sort with a strong sense of family. They offered to open their arms to me and make me an official part of the family. I don’t know what that entails because I have never become an official part of the family. I was perfectly fine being described as “She’s like family but nothing official”. It made sense to me. Still does.

But the way he said it, it seemed insulting. Now that I have no collar, I can join a stable, as if I transformed from Kitten to unrefined whore in an instant.

He added that he would be alone with his kinks and his Fleshlight all the while I was being turned out night after night in a stable of debauchery.

Nothing is stopping him from going after what and who he wants. But he wants me to think he’s alone.

I walked up behind him and peaked over his shoulder. I assumed he was on Snapchat sending me a picture. I was going to photo bomb his picture… But he wasn’t snapping me. I saw her name and that they had a streak going. Cassie. I quickly looked away because it felt intrusive.

But he’s never mentioned her name before. I wondered but didn’t ask.

Now my phone is full of friends and family. I have Facebook and Fet. I have messenger, Snapchat, Kik, and text. There are several ways to get in touch with me. Best friends, cousins, ex boyfriends, old lovers… We all still occasionally keep in touch through various means of communication.

And I talk about my friends. I’ll even hand you my phone. One person occasionally sends me really ill timed penis pictures, and honestly, I don’t know why because it isn’t reciprocal. (That sounded like I have a penis… In fact, I have several.) I have great friends and I talk about them all the time.

Anyways…. It was shocking that he would not talk about her at all. I didn’t even realize he was still talking to her, because he never talked about her.

After a few more times of sitting down next to him and he’d close his Snapchat, I clued in.

Maybe he’s got a friend, maybe she can be a shoulder, maybe she’s got great tits (and there’s two of them). Maybe she participates in his kinky things. Maybe he saw the end of this and started looking around. I don’t know.

I don’t know who she is because he never said to me that he had a streak going with this really cool girl on Snapchat.

But I do know this: he isn’t as alone as he’d like me to believe.

That’s okay because I’m a whore and I’ve got a stable.



One thought on “Cassie

  1. Being in control of your sex and your sexuality doesn’t make you a whore. Being sexually adventurous or otherwise out of the “norm” doesn’t make you a whore. Sexually pursuing someone else whilst in a committed relationship might, though.


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