I’m fine.

He knocked on my door. He looked annoyed and kinda bored.

My dog is completely untrained and really hyper. She expects when he comes over he will play with her for a bit. He just stood there, though, waiting…..

He asked for his house key back. She barked. I gave him his key and coat and his shorts. I attempted to hug him. I thought maybe in the future we could be friends. I don’t know why… Its the polite thing to do.

He stiffened and seemed more like a caged animal than a man.

There will be no future friendship, that much is clear.

We stood stiffly, staring at each other across a gulf. He grabbed the door knob and was gone.

There was nothing left, I guess.

Oddly enough, I’m fine. And as much as he told me that he would be alone with nothing but a Fleshlight while I went to parties and found someone else, I don’t feel guilty.

He’s free to find someone that he’s compatible with.

His kinks are on my hard limit list unless it’s role play. I don’t like camping and guns and Donald Trump. I don’t want cats everywhere. I don’t want to argue.

I’m sure he’s a great guy for someone. I’m not her.

I refuse to feel guilty about that.


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