The thing is…

He’s a good man.

He loves his mother and has taken a fatherless child and stepped into this father role despite massive challenges in his way. He put aside his career, his desires, his relationships to do what needed to be done. Over and over.

He’s quite possibly the most selfless man I’ve ever met.

He wants me to live my best life. His frustration at me come from his protective nature.

He doesn’t understand why I’d take in an entire family when I can barely take care of my own family. He doesn’t understand why I rescued a dog when I don’t really like dogs and can’t afford vet bills. He doesn’t understand why I would drive for hours after surgery to drop off my kid.

He asks me if I changed my oil and do I have enough gas money. He encourages me to look for a different job, one where they don’t yell at me.

He sends a text asking what I’ve eaten and if I’ve taken my pills.

We go to the store and he buys a case of water and protein bars for me. When I resist his taking care of me, I get “the look”.

He cares about my well being. My mother drops by and she says ” oh good, you’re here. She’s tired. You’ll take care of her” and she leaves.

When my daughter was in a wreck, I drove to the hospital and was SHOCKED to find him sitting there. He drove me to my grandmother’s funeral hours away.

I see all of these things.

He’s a good man.

Then what the hell is wrong with me?


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