Sooooo this is it then?

I’m apprehensive about having any kind of conversation with him at this point.

Our world views are drastically different. Religion is little more than him describing his God in a way that is condescending to others. Politics are strictly off limits. Social and economic issues end up with hurt feelings when he uses the term “fucking idiot liberals”.

I can no longer talk about the girls.

Music, movies, humor are all polar opposites.

His kinks have been ruined, he said. They are on my hard limit list and I can do little more than role play. I live with my children, he lives with his mother. I get to be kinky at parties and he doesn’t understand that, he thinks I need them to ” show off” but he hates them.

His mother had a biopsy. Neither of them mentioned it after that and I assumed everything was fine. He didn’t tell me his mother has cancer. His reason is that I didn’t ask. Then he called me narcissistic because I was angry with him. I don’t ask him anything about her now. Apparently his mother’s health and his emotional state are none of my business.

What’s left?

What happened?

He hasn’t changed. He didn’t misrepresent himself. I thought somehow that I would be exempt from certain things. I thought I could ignore things.

So he asks me about work. Ehh it was the same yesterday as it will be tomorrow. He asks me how I am…. I’m tired. We have settled into informing each other of what we are doing.

…..I’m going to work. Taking a shower. I need to eat something. I’m at Walmart…..

So this is it.


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