The Elder is sitting on the couch when I wake up. She’s much more like her father than she’d like to admit. She drove all night so she could be there for her sisters. She’s completely devoted to our little family. And the next night when she’d finally laid down to sleep she curled her body around mine.She hadn’t slept in nearly two days. Her voice was scratchy with exhaustion. “I didn’t want you to have to do this by yourself.” She balanced me out as we attempt to mend the tattered edges.
The Middle sat across from me, excited and terrified about life. “Being an adult is hard.” She’s learning. The frantic excited phone call letting me know that Boo said hi means the world to me. She’s stronger than she thinks. I’m looking forward to watching her navigate this life.
The Youngest mothers me. She holds me tight and let’s me be myself. She’d never judge me. I sit in awe of her. Her love is big. I hope I don’t disappoint her.
My girls ground me and hold me up. Yes, they drive me insane, and I’d like to murder them occasionally. But I simply can not imagine living this life without them. They gave me purpose and definition.
They are my birds.


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