Is it really this easy? 

Oh we argue and fuss. That won’t ever change. It’s about little things like where to eat or why I take so long in the shower, though. It isnt about where this is going or why it’s so hard to understand each other. I don’t care where we are going, for once. I want to spend as much time as I can with him, going where ever we go in this relationship. I don’t worry if we understand each other. He’s plain spoken and upfront enough that I don’t have to guess. He guides in a way that makes me want to follow. 
Being his is simple. All I have to do is… Exist. That’s it. There are no hoops. There are no games​. The time spent with him is relaxed. I’m not anxious or apprehensive. 

We have a bond and energy that I don’t question. My ex husband likes him. My kids like him. My friends talk about the fact that he can’t stop touching me and I can’t stop smiling. 

When I don’t do something he simply reminds me that he wants better for me and I should do the thing. Surprisingly I want to do it. For instance, he cleaned out my car. He said he wants me to be relaxed driving and imagined having chaos while driving wasn’t safe. My car has been cleaned since then. I want him to be proud of me. But I also listen and don’t want his efforts wasted. 

I want to make his life easier. I want to make his life better. I want to make him happy. 

Even my bratty moments aren’t done in defiance. They are done because I want to make him smile while being exasperated. 
Being with him​ is easy. 
Loving him is easy. 


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