Happy 😊

I’ve had a long day full of itty bitty bad things and really good stuff that leveled out to create… Normal, I guess. 
Normal is good. Strange, but good. I’m not used to normal because so much of my life has been an uphill battle that I honestly survived and even thrived on the struggle and chaos. I don’t know how to function on the day to day calmness without some upheaval. Lately I feel different. 
I don’t want to jinx it but I need to mark this in case it’s fleeting. 

I’m happy. 

I know that’s odd for me. My cousin sent me a great text that I’m so grateful for. Sometimes I’m so focused on the drama and pain of life that I forget to stop and appreciate everything in my life. He listed good things in my life I didn’t have 6 months ago and he’s so right. 
I’m happy. Kids. Job. House. Car. Bills. Guy.
I’m happy. How weird is that? 



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