Boyfriend status

We only get to see each other on the weekend. Opposite schedules. Day shift. Night shift. One common off day that’s typically filled with family obligations. 70 miles one way. He likes things I don’t like or understand. He doesn’t understand my taste in music. He’s like a hobbit when it comes to food. I can go days without eating.  He has a zombie apocalypse survival plan. I don’t have plans for tomorrow. The only pink thing in his entire house is my toothbrush. The amount of pink in my house is scary. He goes camping for fun. I go camping for torture. He’s diabetic and the Chocolate Gods spared me that cruelty. He talks about guns like most men talk about women. Expensive, hard to find the right one, beautiful, blah blah. I’m not sure if he’s named one of them Vera. He’s a Winter person. He loves cool weather and a pot belly stove. I love rain and when the power goes out.

What I’m saying is this isn’t going to work. Eventually he will want a woman who wants to watch football and go camping. He will look as me with my cavity in the front because I’m scared of the dentist and see how incapable I am at making him happy. He will find all these differences to be too much to overcome. But what if I don’t worry about that right now? What if I don’t spend our time waiting on the other shoe to drop? 
Honestly I’m just getting used to calling him my boyfriend and I’m still guarded with certain people. But I’m settling in more now. I don’t want to waste time worrying about the future. The fact that we can’t discuss religion, politics, or science is fine. We have plenty of time to sabotage this later. Right now I’m just waiting on the weekend so he can cuddle with me and tease me about my Hello Kitty toothbrush I left at his house, and I can sit in his lap and ask him if he wants to watch Moana with me. Right now I’m really good calling him my boyfriend. I’ll worry about the rest of it later. 


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