So far

I’m twenty ish days into 2017. To recap so far, I was diagnosed with emphysema, been told that I was directed to the wrong link and no I actually don’t have medical coverage, had to take a loan out to pay for my dog’s unnecessary exploratory surgery, her incision isn’t healing, been written up for my house not being up to code, taken my daughter to the urgent care for a ruptured ear drum, had a massive fantastic fight with my daughter over a lie I may not ever be able to get over, broken up with the guy again because I called Chad for help and apparently that means I am just waiting to get back with Chad and I wouldn’t accept the guy’s no contact ultimatum, gained two extra kids because some parents would rather throw kids away than accept the fact that they are gay, received a “coaching” at work because I’m doing too much and other agents are complaining, have an unexpected debt of $4000, held my kid while she cried over the death of a class and band mate, held my Nanny’s hand as she told me she’s got lung cancer, been given a prognosis of 4 months for my Nanny, had a knock down drag out fight with my father about the care of my Nanny, fought with my step father about his mistreatment of my mother,started a new medication that completely fucks everything, cried over my bank account, woke up with a blinding migraine and missed work….

But I joined a gym so everything should be fine. 


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