The total. 

Jenny sent a text. 

See I hate her. She hates me. I’m a crazy bitch, she’s the whore who stole my man. Got it?

Except she says she’s sorry. I say I’m sorry. She eventually tells me her side of things. It sounds similar to what Heather is feeling.

Dani sends me a text asking how I am. I go back to her long email to him telling him he’s emotionally abusive. He  then sends me a text asking me if I think he’s abusive. 

If you have to ask, maybe you are. 

So Jenny and I compare notes. 

He has refused every advance I’ve given, until the day after Jenny and him broke up. Then suddenly I’m given an opportunity to “work off” $60 I owe him. Instead of being elated, I started questioning his motives. 

Why now? 

And the pattern of behavior along with the mysterious missing money all adds up. 

 When he worked in Mobile and  lived with his boss, me and Fenics were his subs and we both gave him our tips to save because we are bad with money. They broke up. He never returned her tips. $2000. I never opened my tips so I don’t know how much there was. I needed my tips and they weren’t there. I told him he could use them if he needed, as long as he returned them.  He eventually gave me some money. I don’t know if it was the full amount. My tips paid his child support. 

Working at the movie theater he confessed he stole money from a job just because he could. 

He took a “job” helping my friend set up her event planning business. She paid him weekly and allowed him to stay in her house rent free. His job was to start her business and take care of the dogs. She got sick and ended up in rehab.  He moved out and into a fema trailer the day before she got home. She does not have a website or an event planning business although that’s what he was paid for. She and I no longer talk. She told me as long as he was in my life, she wouldn’t be. 

He moved out of the fema trailer because it was a shit hole.He was there less than a month.  He moved in with me. 

He paid rent the first month. Some financial support the next month. In June and July he caught up his child support. In August he lost the job my family offered him.  My friend Summer’s house burned down. A mutual friend gave him $500 to give to Summer. She never received the donation. We broke up in May.

 He moved in with his brother and didn’t get a job that year. 

He moved back to Foley in March. He stayed at my place while acquiring two new subs.  I moved out of the apartment with my name on it. And they moved in.His parents paid to have the place repainted. 

Jenny has paid rent, given him money, and given him a job. 

He took the job, took the money and they broke up two weeks later and he quit.  After he bought a motorcycle. He hasn’t offered to return the money. 
When I moved out I told him he could sublet the apartment. All the bills are in my name. I was ready to trash my credit to leave. Mostly I needed to put space between us, but there were other reasons as well. Having two subs that hate me played a big factor. Having them move into my apartment with my name on the lease was a stab to my gut. I’m glad I left. 

All of this is adding up. 

Do I even owe him $60? 

I’m not liking the total here.  

(Yes, it’s a trash journal but I’m writing it to remind myself when all the good stacks up in my mind, to have the bad staring me in the face) 


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