I keep making the mistake of expecting someone to fill in the blank for me with the correct answer. Instead I’m living the kind of fill in the blank life you’d see from MadLibs. This is a failing of mine. I just assumed the blank would be filled with the appropriate answer. I need to remember life doesn’t work that way. 

I love you… . . . 

I miss you… You,too. 

This shift is permanent?… Yes.

My application was denied?… Yes. 

Do you want me to stop talking about Boo?… Yes. 

Can you fix the dryer?… No. 
2+2 is blue.

The sky is shattering into a million rain drops drowning me until I wash out to sea and dissolve into nothingness. 

The answer is never what I want or need to hear. 
I love you… . . . .

Do you love me?… Sure, I do. 

Can I just order an adapter for the water line?… No. 

Can we hold off on the next thing breaking?… Of course not. 
I look down at my chest and for all my bravado I know the true answer. It punches me in the gut every single day. Day after day after day. It isn’t the answer I want or need but it’s the one that I am left with. 

The ground crumbles under my feet and the earth is muddy from the rain as I slip down into the hole of dirt and filth slowly covering me until I am forgotten. 
I receive the answer. It isn’t the one I want or need. It is the one I’m left with..  


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