Drag your sword, I’m a bird.

We live in the future where chocolate comes in wrappers like sliced cheese. We have innovations that make our lives simple, and more efficient. Along with this most of us have a powerful device in our pockets that allow us to access all of humanities knowledge. I use mine to look at Pinterest.

Occasionally I find something useful that I adapt to fit my family. We have a good things jar because I read about it on the internet. 

I saw this snippet on the internet about a woman who wanted a sword. Her brother bought her a sword and she loved it. But not being from a time where sword fighting is prevalent, she wasn’t sure what to do with the sword. 

For some reason a lot of men in my life have swords. My former Sir, my brothers, my cousin, my daughter’s boyfriend, my other daughter’s ex boyfriend, several coworkers

Most of these swords hold a place of honor on a wall, some are tucked away in a closet. There are currently 8 swords in my house. 
The woman on the internet takes out her sword before important events. She holds it loosely as she walks around. Her heels click, her sword dangles and drags across the kitchen floor as she gives herself a pep talk. Dates, interviews, events where she needs to throw her shoulders back and look the world in the eye, all get the sword prep pep talk.
In this world, living the life I have, I’ll take all the help I can get. So we have become very fond of telling each other to remember your sword, drag your sword, grab your sword. 

My middle child, when I am doubting myself will look at me and simply say “Drag your sword.”

And for anyone who has seen The Notebook there is scene where the one says to the other “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” The meaning has morphed to include non-romantic feelings in our household. We have a sense of togetherness, of unity and solidarity. 
My middle child, when I feel alone will look at me and simply say “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” 

I’m dragging my sword with my birds. 


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