Moments on my path to happy

“You are the bravest, craziest person I know.” says my Sister. 
This made me laugh because I don’t think I’m brave, nor do I think I’m crazy. What I do think is that you have the ability to make yourself happy. Our forefathers knew an inherent truth about the human existence that I think we as a society have lost sight of. We have the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. 
This means if you aren’t happy you have the right to change your path. You can do this over and over. In fact, you should. 

What made me happy 10 years ago isn’t the same today. I think we should all be on amazing, wondrous life quests that make us happy. 

I don’t yet know what happy feels like. I think happy can exist in a smell, a touch, a thought. I think happy can be found at the bottom of soul. I think happy is under and above and through. Happy caresses your skin like a lover and punches your gut like a fighter. 
Happy is here, waiting. 
Go out into the universe and get it. 
That’s where I am. I’m searching for my happy and I have faith that I will find it. I hope I will find it over and over and over. I hope I recognize happy in a color or a hand or a trinket. I hope happiness rushes to me in random places and people. 

I want to appreciate the translucent, fragile state that happiness exists in like vapor rising from a steam grate. I don’t wish to capture it, I wish to have it surround me. Flow through me and mine, and back out into the universe. I wish for it to find you in its travels. 
Perhaps the same happiness that finds me, finds you as well. 
Hope and happiness are dangerous things. I’m ready. 


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