collars like candy

If taking your collar off doesn’t devastate you, then you should have never put it on.

Baby Girl

With each girl that comes and goes, I remain. And he gives them a collar or at least talks of giving them one. He contemplates if they deserve a collar or not. I can’t remember if he thought of giving Muse a collar or not. I know he counted her as one of “his girls” for a time.

And with each collar he gives out mine feels less and less special.

I am his Pet, he is my Daddy. I know this. I also recognize that I asked him to remove our collar more than a year ago.

But for FUCK’S SAKE this hurts!!

He offered a “play” collar to go along with the new collars he’s getting for his current new subs. It felt more like a slap in the face than his hand ever would. I know him. I understand his motivations. But I don’t “play” with collars. He should know that by now.

But dammit, a part of me wanted to say yes.


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