He got his nickname because he was the adventurous toddler who didn’t look before he leaped. He jumped from the top bunk bed onto a bean bag because his big brother did it. He tagged along on his sister’s dates, the obnoxious 10 year old trying desperately to be cool.He was the typical teenager trying to find himself. He tried football, hockey, and band. He played everything from Everquest to disk golf. He was a young man stubborn and proud.  Curious and rarely ever cautious. In searching for himself, he found fatherhood. Nothing ever seemed to fit until Haley Kate came along. In her, he found his purpose. Bugga followed. His children unknowingly became wonderful bookends to his life.

He was a loving, patient father. He was a wonderful son. A kind man, an imperfect man. He meant different things to different people because he simply was whatever you needed him to be at that time.

He’s the guy organizing the giant paintball neighborhood battle. He’s the one re engineering a dart gun. He’s the person looking up cheats to a game so he can level faster. He’ll let you paint his nails and have a tea party with his girls. He will strap on skates and whirl his girls around the rink.

He was unafraid to make a fool of himself in the name of fun. He was stubborn and passionate. Mostly, he was loyal to his family.

The last time I saw Boo, my last memory of my brother is characteristic of who he was in life. He argued and explained. He was passionate and stubborn. He was patient one minute and exasperated the next. He drove over to help my daughter test drive and pick out a car. He wanted her to be smart and safe. That was Boo. Fighting for his family, loving his family.

There are thousands of tiny memories that resonate inside us, defining who Boo was to each of us.

Who was Boo to you? I hope your answer fills you with love.


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