My joints hurt. It’s the kind of ache that settles deep and reminds me. As if I need reminding.

The only people who seem to instantly know how I feel are other women who have endured the same.
I love that. I love the sisterhood. They hold me when I’m weak. They cheer me when I’m strong. They need no excuses. They understand.
I’m so grateful to my sisterhood.
I can tell my story over and over and they listen quietly. They nod encouragingly. They never tire of me.
I’m afraid this ache in my bones won’t ever go away. I’m even more frightened that the anger deep in my soul is here to stay, as well.
I am attempting to find my new normal. I’m trying to get to know me again. Looking in the mirror, looking inside myself, I find my anger first. It is in the front always. I want to look behind it.
I will need my sisters more than ever.

One thought on “Sisterhood

  1. They will be there, and here, and there. There is something about sisterhood and women who understand themselves to be sisters in a larger sense, that brings comfort and sustenance.


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