Random stuff

I am addicted to lip gloss, lip balm, and lip stick. Those eggs are amazing. My current favorite is cotton candy flavored.

I have a pom named Chewbacca. He barks constantly.

I love coffee more than I love most people.

I can say all 50 states in ABC order in about a minute but don’t ask me to tell you where any of them are.

I swore the last time I owned a Kia I’d never own another one. I own another Kia.

I have an older brother. He and I have the same parents. I have a younger brother that is my mother’s child. I have a younger sister that is my father’s child. My younger brother and younger sister get along great even though they aren’t related.

I am still married but do not have a relationship with my husband because he and I don’t see the benefit of divorce. He lives in Ft. Walton. I live in Foley.

I have three teenaged daughters. Sarah Elizabeth is 19. She’s a freshman at Bama. Emily Anne is 17 and a Junior. Hannah Kristin is 14. Yes, it is every bit as challenging as you’d imagine.

Different gut turning food combos are occasionally amazing. Ham wrapped oreos. Pickles dipped in nacho sauce.

I’ve never seen nor read any of the Harry Potter stuff. I need to.

I spent some time in the crazy house. It was exactly what I needed. I do not ever want to go back.

My favorite movies are The Princess Bride and Grease.

I hate laundry with an unholy passion.

Pink is the best color. Unless it’s pink glitter. That’s the best.

Red lips. Vintage garter belt. That spot right where her ass and thigh touch. Collar bone.

I worked at Starbucks for a few years. I’d still be there if they paid more.

Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

I think that Dominance and submission is basically the same thing manifested differently.

I look at collars and wedding rings in the same light. I’ve had one of each. I’m eternally grateful for both of them. They both sit in my jewelry box collecting dust.

I can’t begin to express how incredibly lazy I really am.

I can’t whistle and that’s okay. My mouth has other talents.

I used to be the unsure girl who wanted her furniture to match. Now I’m the sure girl who loves her eclectic furniture.

I am slowly becoming addicted to energy drinks.


2 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. Loved who you were. Loving who you are. The journey is inspiration to me on the days I can’t be bothered to give a damn. Thank you! ❤


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